Salute Your Fellow Runners – We feel your pain and joy.

Everybody’s running…!! Regardless of size or shape, we’re all doing it with specific health or time based goals in mind. BUT, to my mind, the level of friendliness is dwindling.

No joke, the amount of ‘Couch to 5K’ athletes and people wearing race event t-shirts has increased dramatically. Individuals who previously paid

for gym memberships are now out running instead. There are road races every other day during the summer and even now with the evenings getting longer again, I’m glad to say there are still people pounding the roads wearing their hi-vis vests. It’s great to see no matter what way you look at it.

I’ve been running a long time. I ran to school, in school, for my school and after school way back in the 80s and early 90s when only a handful of others were out there with me. I’d often pass the same runners out on the road in the morning or evening and without fail, we always saluted one another. Running can be lone sport but when you come upon another runner there’s an understanding of what you’re going through. There’s solidarity!

In addition to dealing with health related running issues, when Runner’s Health was launched, we wanted to convey to people how nice it is to salute your fellow running and, on the other hand, how annoying it is when someone doesn’t salute you back.

Rather a quick hello, a smile or a nod of the head will do. It surprises us how strong we feel about this. In short, the next time you’re out for a jog, say hello to the other joggers/runners you pass.

Greet your fellow runner!

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