BestLock Laces Review – Running shoe Accessory

We love these simple little lock laces.

If you’re new to running or an experienced runner, you’ve no doubt experienced your runner laces coming lose while out on the road. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones, you tripped over your lace. It can happen. It’s one of the perils of running but one you can nip in the bud with these useful little shoe lace locks from Nathan Sports

Lock laces are been marketed as the easiest lacing system in the world, which, once installed day one, they actually are. You loop them through the eye holes as standard, put the lock in place, pull tight (allow a little slack for taking off your runners) and then snip off the excess which you won’t be needing.

These are ideal for triathlons, marathons, team sports or even thrown on your shoes in a hurry and taking the dog for a walk. There’s no reason why you can’t recommend these for people with back problems or other mobility issues.
They come in a range of colours to choose so you can match them to your muted or garishly coloured shoes. An easy stocking filler at Christmas time too.

Happy trip-free running. You can browse and buy from Amazon here.